How Hearing Aids Can Change Your Life  
January 15, 2021

Most people understand that hearing aids can help them manage hearing loss by bringing better clarity and comprehension to their hearing. Still, many don’t understand how investing in hearing aids is truly an investment in their overall health. This has resulted in a significant gap between the number of people who could benefit from using hearing aids and the number of people who choose to use hearing aids. 

How Treating Hearing Loss Supports Your Brain
December 30, 2020

Hearing loss is one of the most common problems we encounter as we age, though it can also occur earlier in life from excessive noise or chemical exposure. Various studies over the course of recent decades have demonstrated just how important it is to treat hearing loss to prevent what can become a cascade of negative outcomes for our health and well-being. Unfortunately, people still wait an average of 7 years from the time they notice hearing loss to the time they do something about it.

Monitoring Daily Noise Exposure Could Help Prevent Hearing Loss
December 19, 2020

Frequent noise exposure is an unfortunate fact of modern life, especially for those living in urban environments. Light rail trains rattle by, diesel engines power large trucks that we encounter whether walking or driving, HVAC units thrum down alleyways, and thousands of other noise sources come together to create a recipe for noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). While NIHL is unfortunately permanent, it is also completely preventable.

Tips for a Successful Virtual Family Reunion
December 10, 2020

It seems like the only thing we can rely on in 2020 is that everything will be different than it has been in the past, and our holiday traditions are not likely to be an exception. Many families will be holding their holiday gatherings virtually this year. In some sense, there couldn’t be a better time for our family gatherings to go virtual, with widespread video conferencing technologies in place and high-bandwidth internet more common than it’s ever been.

What is Single-Sided Hearing Loss?
November 24, 2020

Hearing loss is a pervasive medical condition that 1 in 8 people navigate in the U.S. Impacting over 40 million people, hearing loss has various causes and can be experienced differently. Impairment can be mild to severe and affect one ear more than the other. Single sided – also known as unilateral - hearing loss is impairment in one ear and severe forms can be referred to as single-sided deafness. This type of hearing loss (like all types of hearing loss) should be addressed and treated as soon as symptoms are identified!